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Creepy Sounds Coming From The Letter Box

Inky Bus
3 April
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I am that girl. Whatever you got from that sentence, that was not what I meant. Which, in total is a good description of me. I hate embarrassment. I love hugs. I love way more than I probably should. I am not good at being honest, with anyone. I keep my secrets close to me, and let everyone try to figure it out. Because it is good for laughs. I would kill for my friends. Actually, killing would be not enough for me if someone hurt one of my friends. Regardless, I love gossip. At school, everyone presumes I will do well. Because that is what I have been doing for the last 6 years. But I am not so sure I will. I like to meet people. I love banter. I am the girl at the party that will come over and talk to you about politics, the meaning of life, music, boys, girls, and then upon meeting you the next day, won't say anything and stare my feet. I am shit at dates. Don't ask me on one. I really want to have an old fashioned picnic.

Now, pierce that all together, come up with a diagnosis and come back to me on it. The most creative will be rewarded with a hug, candy and a story.